SR20 Miata

Thai-Phoon Pty Ltd with the assistance of ALLTUNE Engineering have produced an engine install kit to install a Nissan SR20DE or SR20DET engine and Nissan 5-speed manual transmission into a Mazda Miata (MX5). And it is with Great pleasure that I am able to offer their work, for sell here in the USA.




The Miata-SR20 Conversion Kit allows for the installation of the Nissan SR20DE and SR20DET engines into the Mazda Miata (MX5).No modification is required to the bonnet of the Miata and only minor modification is required to the firewall to allow clearance for the turbo exhaust outlet. Any of the Nissan SR20 engines are suitable for the conversion.

$X,XXX + Shipping / Handling and Tax if applicable.
( Please contact for current pricing. )


  • Everything required to install engine.
  • Minor modification of firewall required.
  • Professionally engineered.
  • Installation instructions provided.




The SR20DE(T) Sump Kit has been designed to specifically clear the front cross member and steering column in the Mazda Miata (MX5). The Sump Kit is an integral part of the conversion. It is the key to allowing the fitment of the SR20DE(T) engine with no cutting to the engine bay or bonnet.

$X,XXX + Shipping / Handling and Tax if applicable.
( Please contact for current pricing. )

  • Designed to allow fitment to MX5
  • Increased Sump Capacity
  • Full Windage Tray
  • Internal Oil Pickup
  • 6mm Aluminium Flange
  • Professionally Engineered
  • Installation instructions provided


All orders are made via Email. Please use the Contact Us page to place a order.

Outside of the U.S.A? Please Give one of our Partner Distributors a Call.

Thai-Phoon Pty Ltd ( Australia )

JapTuning ( Europe )

Here is a link to a Speedhunters artical spotlighting Jordan’s SR20 Miata, Jordan utilizes our Mount Kit and Oil Pan Kit in his car.
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Q: Is the sump kit required to install the SR20DE(T) Engine?
A: No, you don’t have to buy our sump kit to install the engine. You will, however, need to either modify the original sump or if you are building a race car, run a dry sump set up.

Q: What gearbox is used for the conversion?
A: The SR20 5 speed gearbox, the newer 6 speed gearbox will not fit.

Q: Which engine mounts are used?
A: Mazda Miata (MX5)

Q: Which wiring loom is used?
A: SR20 wiring loom and computer.

Q: Are other items needed for the conversion?
A: Yes, the kit is designed to solve the difficult engineering problems. Other items that need attention are Driveshaft, Intercooler piping, Exhaust and Speedo.

Q: Are Installation notes available?
A: Yes, you can download them Download .